Assembly & Sub-Assembly

Contract Assembly Services

Greeley provides high-quality, cost-effective production solutions for manufacturers.

As a manufacturing business experiences growth, sometimes it is tough to keep up with demand. Along with “growth-spurts” many manufacturing businesses experience slow periods due to the seasonality of their product. Greeley is able to smooth out these peaks and valleys to ensure your business stays on track.
Our team can assemble, pack and ship your product. With our in-house quality experts, you can be assured your product will arrive defect free.

Why Outsource Your Assembly?

It will alleviate many headaches for your business. Without having to worry about in-house production you can spend more time growing your business through product development & sales. You can focus on what you do best, and we can take care of the rest.

Skilled Workforce

Greeley has a highly skilled team, trained and ready to assemble your product. This eliminates your need to attract and retain employees or use temporary employment services.

Production Space

With a 120,000 square foot facility, Greeley is able to scale with your demand. Eliminating your need to purchase, lease or build additional space as your business grows.

Quality Standards

Quality has been an integral part of Greeley’s business since inception. Adhering to ISO 9001:2015 standards your product will always be delivered with the highest quality.

Domestic Production

In recent years it has become common place to offshore the assembly of products. While this may seem less expensive the quality, communication, delivery time and product returns may drive the total cost above domestic assembly costs. Have it done efficiently and correct the first time, right here in Canada.

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